About Tensorminds

Tensorminds is an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based products, solutions and services company. We specializes in Vision, Speech, Natural Language, Conversational and Prediction AI based big data analytics, business intelligence, tasks & process automation solution and specializes in developing expert systems. Promising, boosting data and product quality, enhancing capacity, improving productivity and profitability.  We offer products and solutions for various vertical as well as horizontal markets i.e., Manufacturing, Sales & Distribution, Production & Planning, Product Quality,  consumer Services, Customer Contact Centers, Security & Surveillance, and Various Government Services.

Vision AI

Vision AI is all about Seeing the world and act accordingly, very much the way human being does. E.g. Identifying Objects and its details, like what types of automobiles are visible, what brands and what models , Identifying Faces, Identifying faulty products, Identifying disease by seeing medical images, Identifying face sentiments, Identifying features in images e.g. guns in the hands of possible suspects. Please click here for more details.

Speech AI

Speech AI is all about listening the world and talking to the world and act accordingly, very much the way human being does so. E.g. Identifying and classifying sounds, whether its a machine sound, or music, or human voice, accordingly identifying who is talking, what he or she is saying? Can detect a fault in machine by listening to the machine noise. Transcribes whatever it listens, can perform various voice based actions on a mobile device, computer or a robot. Machine can be trained to talk back in anyone’s voice. 100 plus languages. Please click here for more details.

Natural Language AI

Natural Language AI Ability of  computers systems to understand natural languages very much the way humans do and respond accordingly.  Machine ability to understand natural languages, through powerful cognitive algorithm simulating human ability and skills in this regard, like building relationship between words, understanding context of the conversation, applying semantic analytics, segregating keywords noun vs verb, all this with laser light speed. Wide range of applications such as replacing IUI interfaces with conventional GUIs, to access critical business information or connecting consumers through an intuitive and more natural means of communication and interaction. Please click here for more details.

Conversational AI

Conversational AI is an immensely powerful Intelligent User Interface for end users both consumers and business managers to interact with Corporate Database. Allowing user to talk to data in pure natural language like English, Arabic, Urdu, Chinese. Say your query or type it. Ask for last night stock levels for the the given SKU, Top Brand Story for the month of September, Top 3 selling Brands for Q2. Ask for insurance claim status, What are new insurance products?, Register complaint for landline. Access it from Mobile, Smart Speakers, Smart TV, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, or Google Assistant. Please click here for more details.

Prediction AI

For decades conventional algorithms were in business to predict sales or stock value, however Artificial Intelligence has given new blood to Predication Process. Prediction AI fuels forecasting techniques through powerful Deep Learning mechanism to deliver prediction close to reality. Prediction AI offers powerful mechanism to quickly forecast future sales and reading social media predict future consumer behaviors and attitude. Please click here for more details.


Automation can be defined as the technology by which a process or procedure is performed without human assistance. Tensorminds with its powerful Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithm, brings in automation in the areas which were thought recently impossible to automate, tasks such as, doctors at hospitals diagnosing various diseases by seeing various medical scans, listening & transcribing 100s of TV and Radio channels simultaneously, assessing quality of complex products live during the production, and many more tasks. Please click here for more details.

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