Tensorminds possess a wide range of Highly advanced Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning based solutions for analyzing satellite imagery to classify different land features natural or man-made,  converting electronic media to data for analysis and searching,  automation of medical diagnosis, identifying product faults or quality issues while being produced, intelligent user interfaces for customer service and e-commerce,  smart speech transcribing and translation for 100s of languages, intelligent user interfaces for factory and warehouse operations, smart interfaces seeing and detecting customer’s face sentiments, automating call center operations receiving and replying calls on its own, intelligent solutions for market research verbatim data analysis, content analysis for researchers and scholars, safety and security for communities, public places, work location  and homes, intelligent user interfaces for business managers to access key business data, smart and deep dive analysis of social media, reading customer’s sentiments towards products, services, and personalities, assisting facility maintenance staff by listening and identifying machine faults, measuring in-store customers movement, product placement, product availability and planogram implementation efficacy and intelligent GIS applications for population estimation, smart route planning, sales analysis, gap and opportunity analysis. Laser fast Big data analytics up to petabyte scale.

All this through a wide range of UI and UX spread across smartwatches to cloud-based applications, accessible via voice-enabled devices or intuitive smartphone apps or custom developed web interfaces.

These solutions cover a wide spectrum of vertical and horizontal industry segments, such as Manufacturing, FMCG, Distribution, Supply Chain companies, Retail, Hospitality and  Healthcare facilities, Financial institutions, travel and transport companies. Government and Public service sectors, Home and Justice departments, Call Centers, Media Houses etc.

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